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Sleep Recovery & Sleep Performance Coaching


Our recovery programme is for anyone battling with sleep deprivation who needs support to get back on track. You receive one onboarding session followed by a second coaching call to review and make further enhancements. The process will take 7-10 days to complete.

This is for the everyday person who struggles with sleep. Your coach will analyse and explain your Recovery Profile and discuss how to make improvements utilising a 7-day lifestyle diary.


Personalised Plan for quickly improving your sleep.

We all know the importance of a good nights rest but how well do you actually sleep?


Improving your sleep performance requires your coach to take a deep dive into understanding your lifestyle, vocational responsibilities, REM and Deep sleep data, nutritional behaviour and much more.


Our coaching programme is holistic, educational and practical. Our goal is to provide our clients with a personalised strategy to improve their sleep performance for life.


Our coaching programme requires an in-depth look at your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and sleep. Every human being is unique, situations differ greatly from person to person. It's important to develop a clear picture of the situation before offering solutions. The first step is to complete the sleep report and a 7-day lifestyle analysis once complete your sleep coach will be able to develop a personalised recovery plan.

What to expect:


  • Intro Pack: Your Recovery Profile, Sleep Fundamentals e-Book, Sleep Loop 7-day Lifestyle Assessment + more

  • On-boarding Individual 'Sleep Chat' ~ 45 mins

  • Review & Personalised Plan ~ 45 mins


Once you’ve done 1-1 coaching, we invite you to join team coaching to learn more in a community setting.

1:1 Coaching Icon

Our goal is to build an army of people who have mastered the art of recovery. It's common knowledge that exercise and nutrition adherence goes up when conducted in a team environment, sleep is no different.


The team coaching programme utilises the same reporting and analysis tools however with a greater focus on measuring success with technology, weekly coaching support, Q&A message board and weekly team coach.


What to expect:


  • Intro Pack: Your Recovery Profile, Sleep Fundamentals e-Book, Sleep Loop 7-day Lifestyle Assessment + more

  • On-boarding Team Workshop ~ 60 mins

  • Live Q&A Message Board

  • Each week; Team workshop ~ 45 mins

  • Coaching your live Health Data during sessions

  • Access to our digital coaching courses

  • Review & Personalised/Elite Performance & Recovery Plan ~ 45 mins

Group Coaching Icon

The performance programme is for participants interested in learning about how to optimise their sleep and recovery, to constantly operate at peak. To do this we utilise wearable tech and coaching. 


  • High performer / athlete / activity thresholds

  • Nutrition, supplementation recommendations

  • Using tech to improve performance

  • Includes one WHOOP DEVICE loaded with a 6-month subscription


An elite performance and recovery program.


Think of this as a nutrition plan for sleep or an exercise program for performance recovery. We can measure your cycles, the quality of your reps and how your lifestyle habits impact on your sleep. 

You are the sum of your habits, here you will gain insights learned from years of experience and your live health data.

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