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  • SleepDrops for Adults

SleepDrops for Adults


Do you have trouble going to sleep?


SleepDrops for Adults is NZ’s #1 selling adult liquid sleep product that offers support for turning off a busy mind and going to sleep faster.


Providing natural support to calm overactive, busy minds and promoting a more relaxed and restful night's sleep.


This formulation contains 13 of the most scientifically researched, studied and recognised herbal remedies for sleep challenges with additional support for the liver, digestive and nervous systems.


SleepDrops for Adults is designed to cover all the bases and address the main reasons you might be struggling to drop off to sleep.


SleepDrops for Adults offer support for

  • Going to sleep
  • Turning off a busy mind and mind chatter
  • Going back to sleep if waking in the night
  • Better sleep quality and quantity


Key Benefits

  • Natural support for a more relaxed and restful sleep
  • Great for travelling and shift work
  • Remedies to support digestive and liver function while you sleep
  • Easy to take drops that can be individualised to your ideal dosage
  • Non-drowsy, non-addictive formula with no side effects
  • Suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding



'SleepDrops for Adults' contain a proprietary blend of: Corydalis ambigua (Corydalis), Eschscholzia californica (Californian poppy), Humulus lupus (Hops), Lavandula officinalis (Lavender), Matricaria recutita (Chamomile), Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm), Passiflora incarnate (Passionflower), Piper methysticum (Kava), Piscidia piscipula (Jamaican Dogwood), Scutellaria lateriflora (Skullcap), Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle), Tilia sp. (Lime flower), Zizyphus jujuba (Zizyphus) with Homeopathic Chamomilla, Coffea cruda, Gentian lutea, Hypericum, Kali phos, Mag phos, Melatonin, Nux vomica, Passiflora, Pulsatilla, Vitamin C and combined with flower essences in a base of purified water, organic coconut glycerine, ethanol.


People sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients should avoid this product.


There is 0.005grams of dried herb equivalent per 5 drops dose so herb/drug interactions should be impossible. If you are concerned about this possibility please follow the advice of your medical practitioner.

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